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Synonyms for joust

Synonyms for joust

any competition or test of opposing wills likened to the sport in which knights fought with lances

Synonyms for joust

a combat between two mounted knights tilting against each other with blunted lances


joust against somebody in a tournament by fighting on horseback

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Jouster Nicky Willis will take part in Kenilworth Castle's Grand Medieval Joust this weekend
The advantage of Joust is that its fidelity is focused in the areas appropriate to its application," he said.
The problem of interpreting Politian's Stanze is made yet more difficult by virtue of the fact that the point of departure for the poem was Giuliano's joust of 1475.
Chirk Castle house manager David Burton said: "When the medieval joust was first mentioned, I instantly thought of the Zweihander sword and the terrible carnage it could reap on the battlefield and how spectacular it must have looked in a tournament or joust.
Den shy treed day ladle buy bee bar's ball oaf soap, end eat worst joust riot, sew shy eight eat awl apt.
Prior to the start of the Grand Tournament, the contest offered seven (7) weekly Jousts which spanned from Monday, July 3rd through Monday, August 21st.
Featuring all the pomp and pageantry of a traditional joust, the castle will be transformed into a medieval arena alive with the sound of clashing swords and galloping hooves on both Saturday and Sunday.
The castle's marketing manager Heidi Briggs said the joust had attracted international interest.
WITH exciting new attractions including a medieval joust, a jump jet simulator and a special guest appearance of the Olympic Torch, Emley Show 2012 is shaping up to be the biggest and best ever.
Dear Dr Maths, My answer to last fortnight's puzzle is for the winner of the joust to ask "Are you married?
IMPACT: Paul Allen, left, was killed in his first-ever joust
Around 1,000 people world-wide take part in the sport, estimates the International Jousting Association, though only 200 joust competitively.
Cardiff Castlemanager Kevin Burt said: "We hope that events such as the joust, along with the opening of our new interpretation centre, will encourage people who may not have visited the castle recently to return and see the difference.
During a typical joust a knight will sweat between two and three litres of water.
The Da Vinci Coder Jousts provide a fun diversion from daily life, with a series of puzzles that are both accessible and challenging," said Andrew Hockman, the first weekly Joust winner.