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com, for Journeyman & Apprentice Training Fund Howell Education Center
More than a game, "The Journeyman Project" transports you to photorealistic future worlds in which you can move about freely and interact with objects at will.
The former heavyweight contender, whose unusual behavior in the ring ultimately superseded his obvious talent, is scheduled to fight journeyman Brian Nix on Aug.
The company released its first project, "Hi REZ, Audio Vol 1," a disc of royalty-free music clips, in July 1992, and "The Journeyman Project" in January 1993.
Buried In Time" has been much anticipated since the critical and commercial success of the original title in the series, "The Journeyman Project.
Then, after defeating trial horse Verdell Smith in January, Diaz suffered a first-round loss to journeyman Juan Valenzuela in April, knocking him out of the top 10.
On average, an Air Force enlisted member can move from the apprentice level to that of a fully qualified journeyman, who is expected to be able to work without close supervision, in a matter of 13 months.
Beech Hill Films and Journeyman Pictures production in partnership with IFC Productions.
NBC's ``Carrie,'' directed in journeyman fashion by David Carson from an utterly uninspired script from Bryan Fuller, clocks in at a full 40 minutes longer than De Palma's lean, mean hit; add commercials, and it'll take you twice as long to sit through the darn thing.
The new Journeyman-II mmc(tm) (multimode communications) driver terminal is plug compatible with Journeyman I and will include an integrated headset and connection jack for use in voice communications.
Bekar, 27, is a journeyman right winger who has played the first two games for the Kings after entering this season with just one NHL game in his four-year career.
developer of the Hard Hat(TM) Linux operating system for embedded applications, today celebrated the release of Hard Hat Linux, Journeyman Edition, a special distribution of the company's embedded Linux Cross Development Kit to accompany the June issue and cover story of EDN Magazine.
John Van Boxmeer, the minor-league coach who helped transform the Kings' Jaroslav Modry from a journeyman defenseman to an NHL All-Star, was named Wednesday as the club's new assistant coach.
Pillow was introduced to the gem and jewelry industry at a young age and quickly became a journeyman level bench jeweler.
Whitaker dumped trainer Phil Borgia in favor of veteran Thel Torrance after the McCline fight, knocked out journeyman Willie Chapman in four rounds on Feb.