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a traveler going on a trip

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in doing so, journeyers learn about the cartography of altered space; they learn about levels of consciousness and being beyond the physical self and the identity of ego.
Images within this tradition include the "breaking of idols," the mind as a slate which began blank and, with effort, can be imagined as if blank again, the picaro (or wanderer or journeyer or orphan) as a character who roams on the outskirts of the social world and thereby gives us insight into it, the "New World," and the child/artist.
Mentors are frequently described in hallowed tones as sage counsellors who have successfully trod the profession's highways and who now await the novice journeyer with beacons to guide the way to a guaranteed successful career path.
This eternal journeyer, actualized in restless motion, represents colonized Nigeria, and through their enslavement, both provide capital for others.
Her stance toward filmmakers is one of colleague and fellow journeyer, not better.
G says the outcome in which the journeyer called Mind gets his dinner served by Mary (with help from Skermo and Jack) represents "the luck which awaits everyone" through access to "the richness of the deep past.
Advogato has three elements: certificates -- apprentice, journeyer, master -- that measure your status in the community and that are awarded by members to other members .
Wondering why Hopkins never saw how integrated his work could be, he says that Hopkins never reconciled desire and choice and remained "never aesthete nor moralist but a guilty journeyer between" (57).
When he enters unfamiliar environments, the journeyer of Xiyoubu loses the certain, unworried sense of mastery of Xiyouji's "Old Monkey.
8221; According to Pratt, when this particular alternate state is achieved, the journeyer has “a foot in both worlds.
This shift in consciousness enables the journeyer to view life and life's problems from a detached, spiritual perspective, not easily achieved in a state of ordinary consciousness.
She also cautions the journeyer not to journey unprepared, and not to listen to the CD of drumming enclosed while driving.