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a traveler going on a trip

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My experiences with other psychedelics (including peyote, psilocybin, and ayahuasca) and other life-threatened individuals over the years, and working with indigenous healers in Mexico and the Amazon, has repeatedly evidenced how the letting-go process with mind-altering substances -- when used responsibly in supportive settings with experienced guides -- allows the journeyer to exercise what I call the "surrender muscles.
The "phase one" simply lays the foundations for the upcoming momentous task; preparing the journeyer for an eye-opening adventure.
You could say that I arrived in Rome as a traveler transiting through the city--and then exchanged the status of a journeyer to that of an exile.
Such a persona, whose gait is grounded in the sensible world and whose choices vacillate between the unreal and the absurd concrete, is portrayed in a type of poetry that Jerome Mazzaro characterizes as seeking : a kind of cosmic ingestion or embracing" (40), verse that depicts the human journeyer suspended between the inescapable earth beneath the feet and the substantial metaphysical reality that lies just beyond the outstretched embrace.
He connected and corresponded with scholars throughout the world and he brought them together into coalescence around the theme of the journey; both the collective journey of history, but with a special focus, at least, in Luigi's case, on the individual journeyer and his testimony.
Images within this tradition include the "breaking of idols," the mind as a slate which began blank and, with effort, can be imagined as if blank again, the picaro (or wanderer or journeyer or orphan) as a character who roams on the outskirts of the social world and thereby gives us insight into it, the "New World," and the child/artist.
Mentors are frequently described in hallowed tones as sage counsellors who have successfully trod the profession's highways and who now await the novice journeyer with beacons to guide the way to a guaranteed successful career path.
This eternal journeyer, actualized in restless motion, represents colonized Nigeria, and through their enslavement, both provide capital for others.
Her stance toward filmmakers is one of colleague and fellow journeyer, not better.
I contend that the dark night of the spiritual journeyer has an analog in the realm of psychotherapy--clinical depression as detailed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV; American Psychiatric Association [APA], 1994).
G says the outcome in which the journeyer called Mind gets his dinner served by Mary (with help from Skermo and Jack) represents "the luck which awaits everyone" through access to "the richness of the deep past.
Advogato has three elements: certificates -- apprentice, journeyer, master -- that measure your status in the community and that are awarded by members to other members .
Anne Marie became a learned journeyer, able to take her countries as they came, able to shift into the gears of talk from Kansas to Kathmandu.
The strange syntax that makes "the moment of utterance" (italics mine) the journeyer serves to remind the reader that any journey, by definition, relies heavily on the act of remembering, so that we can compare the places that we have passed through with the new places at which we arrive.
Wondering why Hopkins never saw how integrated his work could be, he says that Hopkins never reconciled desire and choice and remained "never aesthete nor moralist but a guilty journeyer between" (57).