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Synonyms for journalist

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He urged the government for providing better facilities to the journalistic community so that it could serve the nation more effectively.
houses that are performing their duties by maintaining the journalistic ethics of speaking the truth and honesty are commendable.
He said the government has always welcomed and encouraged the positive journalistic criticism aimed at improvement but holding its self-accountability, the media should also discourage yellow journalism.
The journalistic content must have also highlighted the social, economic and cultural contribution of migrants in countries of origin and destination as well as contributed to the prevention of xenophobia, racism and discrimination against migrants and their families.
The self-censorship in the journalistic profession is very strong - 10% of the respondents say they apply it regularly, 42% that they have limited themselves, but 48% say they have never imposed any restrictions.
The book Journalism Re-Examined presents a number of well-researched and empirically enlightening case studies that show the depth and variety of the journalistic profession, which is a helpful invitation to think about the topic in terms of institutional theory and to see journalism as an institution or field, and thus more than a mere profession.
The prosecution of any journalistic source without due consideration by the jury as to the harm or benefit of the journalistic activity is a fundamental threat to the free press.
In a meeting on Tuesday with Chairman of KUNA's Labor Union and head of the Sheikh Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah Contest for Journalistic Excellence's Higher Committee Ayman Al-Ali, along with the winners of the contest, Sheikh Mubarak Al-Duaij noted that KUNA was a venerable institution home to talented individuals.
institutions and personnel concerned with the journalistic media sector.
PESHAWAR -- Impartiality and balance reporting could save the lives of journalists while serving journalistic duties in war and conflict zones.
Editors Hovden, Nygren, and Zilliacus-Tikkanen present readers with a collection of professional and academic perspectives on journalistic education as central to professional contemporary journalism.
This study examined journalistic role performances in two different media systems: in Chile and in the United States.
These current and state-of-the-art topics include creative ways to find new stories, tips for investigation and inquiry, how to write headlines and the lead, how to write journalistic copies using the inverted pyramid, and how to write the final paragraph.
Mosul / NINA / Daash organization demanded media professionals and journalists in the city of Mosul to declare their repentance and abandon the journalistic work.
Manama, Jan 20 (BNA) -- A three-day journalistic skills development course at Bahrain News Agency (BNA) concluded today.