journalist's privilege

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the right of a journalist to refuse to divulge sources of confidential information

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1993) ("Accordingly, we hold that the journalist's privilege applies to a journalist's resource materials even in the absence of the element of confidentiality.
Leggett moved to quash the subpoena, invoking the journalist's privilege under the First Amendment of the U.
See Mark Gomsak, Note, The Free Flow of Information Act of 2006: Settling the Journalist's Privilege Debate, 45 BRANDEIS L.
The journalist's privilege directly implicates the public choice considerations discussed earlier.
Yet when everyone is a journalist, a broad journalist's privilege becomes especially costly.
M]ost courts would utilize in-camera review in applying the journalist's privilege in this situation.
Never before O has a court confronted with the journalist's privilege approved production of a body of work approaching the elephantine amount of material at issue here," Abrams wrote in the brief.
7) The circumstances surrounding Judith Miller's jailing (8) demonstrate the compelling need for the Supreme Court to recognize a journalist's privilege.
The outcome in the Vanessa Leggett case could affect a journalist's privilege.
Though the Supreme Court has never ruled on the issue of journalist's privilege as it relates to nonconfidential information, related precedent invited the Second Circuit to move the law(5) in the direction of less protection for journalists.
The journalist's privilege would not protect against discovery" of information that was privately disclosed to a foreign government or others in violation of the Civil Code, he contends.
Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the trial judge's order, even though it assumed, without explicitly finding, that scholars enjoy a privilege analogous to the journalist's privilege.
Based on the recent change in Florida law as it relates to the journalist's privilege, the Court has determined that application of either the federal common law standard or the newly announced Florida standard will yield the same result, as factors are virtually indistinguishable," wrote Paul in a 19-page decision.
Rejecting a claim parallel to ABC's, the Supreme Court has held that the First Amendment does not establish a journalist's privilege," Starr argued.
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