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Synonyms for journalist



Synonyms for journalist

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The freelance journalists of Shikarpur, Sanghar, Karachi, Badin, Jamshoro, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Ghotki, Jacobabad and Khairpur to extend the capacity of journalists of above mentioned district's and reduce risk being faced by the journalist, especially in rural areas of Sindh.
QUETTA -- Journalists, who have dedicated their lives to provide truth and honesty to the nation, spared a few moments on Sunday to celebrate the Basant festival.
KARACHI -- Nearly 72 per cent of female journalists in Pakistan and 61pc of male journalists experienced digital insecurity, according to a report and survey conducted by the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF).
Islamabad -- At least 68 per cent of journalists in the country have faced 'online insecurity' in various ways including blackmail, hacking, threats, sexual harassment, data theft and stalking, read a report issued by Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) on Friday.
Also, he gave examples through presentation and explained how a freelance journalist could pitch a story before the national and international print and electronic media.
Nasim Shaikh, the representative of PPF, also share further information about mobile journalist [MOJO] and announced that PPF is going to create a strong platform for freelance journalists named Pakistan Network Freelance Journalists [PNFJ] so that freelance journalists could remain in touch with one another.
As regards journalist Samia Bayouli, the report confirms that she had been dragged into it without her knowledge.
In Turkey, every journalist on the census is either accused of or charged with anti-state crimes.
A review of literature on Taiwanese journalists follows a brief review of American journalist studies and surveys of journalists around the world.
A journalist from Al-Masry Al-Youm, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Daily News Egypt that the strike was sparked due to the suspension of the journalists.
EST 6- American journalist Anna Day, who was arrested by authorities in Bahrain on Sunday, is expected to see a judge Tuesday, sources told International Business Times.
For example, a journalist must avoid causing occupational harm to another journalist, even if it is for competition.
PJS report pointed to attacks from Hamas government in Gaza and Fatah government in the West which included: Arrest of journalists - Hamas 14 & Fatah 8 Call and interrogate journalists Hamas 26 & Fatah 21 Prevent coverage in many events Hamas 22 & Fatah 8 Close media institutions Hamas 4 & Fatah 0 Journalists beaten Hamas 22 & Fatah 11 Prevent journalists from traveling Hamas 3 & Fatah 0 The fourth point in the report was violations against journalists outside Palestine including kidnapping and disappearance of a number of journalists especially journalists Moheeb Nawati and he is still missing in Syria since 2010 and also continue to search for a Palestinian journalist Bashar Qaddoumi.
November 25, 2013 (KAMPALA) -- Journalist unions in Uganda and Kenya are to conduct joint programmes with their colleagues in South Sudan in order to strengthen the capacity of journalists in the two-year-old nation to defend press freedom, organise their union and conduct advocacy campaigns.
The province, some say, has become the most dangerous place on the planet for the journalist to perform their professional duties.
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