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Synonyms for jounce

a sudden jarring impact


Related Words

move up and down repeatedly


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The last 3 miles of the trip--a steep run dropping 1,500 feet down the crest of Polihale Ridge--is the most difficult part of the ride, with hands and forearms tiring from vibrating handle-bars and steady braking, and legs aching from the miles of crouching just above the jouncing bike seat.
Don't let the jouncing detours deter you--the rewards are worth it.
Jouncing down the rutted access road in a 12-passenger van, you'll be quickly aware of the gardens' youth and functional design.
He got along with Ben's mother mostly by sparring with her, both of them frowning, then smirking, then frowning again, and eventually they'd all go to bed and Ben would suffer through the sound of jouncing bedsprings for twenty or thirty minutes.
Early in the narrative, we find a glimmer of hope: after Adoniram ignores his wife's initial request for more information about the new barn he is building, "he hurried the horse into the farm wagon, and clattered out of the yard, jouncing as sturdily on his seat as a boy" (Freeman 449).
that we were jouncing along the white-capped lake surface with the
The conversation deceased an hour ago and the cheese dip has gone bad and the jouncing of the waves is making you very queasy.
The X-Factor judge was snapped on a jet-ski, jouncing along the ocean waves that deferentially lap the sand dunes near his Bahamas mansion.
The 20-year-old bandleader came jouncing out onstage and instantly threw himself into the crowd.
They are so puffed up with the hot air of self-righteousness they resemble a covey of balloons jouncing against each other as they wait for takeoff.
Ten minutes later, we were bouncing and jouncing along on the wagon -- minus the hay -- while the two of them glowered.
Fraulein Wronker's carriage and pair goes jouncing over the cobblestones.
As carbines and pistols had to be carried into battle ready to go, it must be assumed that some sort of wadding was used to hold the balls in place, though if the carbine were carried muzzle down, as was the practice, the jouncing of the horse would eventually unseat the ball.