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Synonyms for jounce

a sudden jarring impact


Related Words

move up and down repeatedly


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There are black market trucks carrying logs on the roads every night now," Wilfredo said, as the pickup jounced in the ruts.
Hansen writes, "And just when Anna was inquiring what the Swiss man was doing in China, he lost hold of the ropes, and with scared eyes fell backward, yelling unintelligibly as he tumbled and jounced down the rigging and smacked hard into the North Sea, where he died.
He writes on 11 August, "Here we are 30 miles from the Notch of the White Hills, having been soundly jounced over 30 miles of pine plain and gridiron bridge & steep & stony hill thro much wind & some shower [.
We wound along a main road to the foot of the bay, turned off on a dirt street down to a mud track and jounced along to a little open space surrounded by low houses.
Easing her aged Land Cruiser up the path, Roper suddenly slammed the transmission into park and leapt out to inspect the undercarriage where it had jounced off a small boulder.
As Rachel and I jounced our way up a rocky, twisting dirt road, she asked "Do you think we'll see Cloud?
Floating with feet forward and his paddle still in hand as instructed, the life-jacketed John jounced over rocks and was scooped up by Jim Parks' oar boat in an eddy below, shaken but OK.