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Synonyms for jounce

a sudden jarring impact


Related Words

move up and down repeatedly


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BASF is the global market leader in this segment Today, Cellasto jounce bumpers can be found in most vehicles that are manufactured around the world.
Gosden can also strike in the first division of the race with Jounce.
Jounce is the pick in the first division after claiming second on her initial racecourse outing last November.
The engine - which let him down on January's Ha'il Saudi Baja - remains a near-standard four litre V6 unit, but the rear end has been fitted with a unique four-link suspension, equipped with new shock absorbers fitted with coil-over springs and Jounce Shocks.
But as they travel, their cars will bounce and jounce across the hillocks of asphalt littering the streets like moguls on a ski run.
on the jounce stroke and 5 on the return); the rear features a four-link trailing-arm design.
I hadn't realized how much jounce, as it were, goes into my titles.
They ding to metal joints in the plane's unlined shell as we jounce along the rutted runway to start our journey.
The traditional application for monomeric carbodiimides is as a hydrolytic stabilizer for cellular Vulkollan in the jounce bumper automotive application.
Before the advent of onboard dataloggers, the routine of adjusting the car to local conditions depended heavily on the driver's ability to detect weak areas and communicate them to his engineer: "It pushes at the entry to turn three, so let's increase the downforce by dialing in more front wing," or "We're bottoming out over the bump in the hairpin and we need to go up two clicks on the jounce damping.
I climb back aboard the carrying rack, facing rearward, and we jounce down the fire road and into the pasture, the woods receding behind me until at length, in the distant view, they look like woods again, instead of death.
If I had been walking there instead of the Masai, it would have been the end of me," says my Kikuyu guide, who explains Africa's delicately-balanced ecosystem as we jounce around Kenya's vast Masai Mara Game Preserve, the largest and to me most beautiful of Kenya's game parks.
Third Rock Ventures, LLC today announced the formation of Jounce Therapeutics, Inc.
In a program with Fiat and two other companies, DuPont helped develop a jounce bumper of Hytrel for the Punto model.
Godolphin's Huroof, wearing first-time cheekpieces, dominated the fillies' maiden throughout under Ted Durcan to come home with a six-length break over Jounce.