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a unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second

English physicist who established the mechanical theory of heat and discovered the first law of thermodynamics (1818-1889)

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The fines are the result of Joule selecting "No" when asked inSection III, Item 3 of the license renewal application form (FCC Form 303-S) that the documentation required has been placed in the station's public inspection file at the appropriate times.
Intel's Diana Shea displays glasses that include the Joule maker board
Also on the drawing board is a car adapter cable that will allow Joule to safely convert the electricity of your vehicle for use on the road.
Joule was not the only one to develop these ideas; similar thinking surfaced at about the same time in Germany and Denmark, but above all others Joule stuck to his task, even in the face of stony opposition.
Midlands based brand Joules has ambitious growth plans following a PS22 >million investment from LDC
Joule plans to work out the final design for the system at its new four-acre demonstration plant in Hobbs, New Mexico.
SilvaGas Corporation, a company focused on converting biomass into renewable energy, has entered into a strategic alliance with Joule Asset Advisors to develop projects based on the company's gasification system.
The first thing you notice about the Joule is the wrap-around heat sink base that is the main component of its thermal management system.
Jude Medical Epic(TM) DR is a small ICD delivering 30 Joules of energy in a device of 33 cubic centimeters in volume and weighing 70 grams.
By contrast, the tabletop fusion laser puts out just a tenth of a joule.
A British physicist, James Prescott Joule (1818-1889), undertook to check this by experimentation.
Joule today announced a strategic partnership with AUDI AG to accelerate the commercialization of its sustainable transportation fuels, Sunflow[TM]-E and Sunflow[TM]-D, for the global ethanol and diesel markets respectively.
Joules was started by Tom Joule in Market Harborough over 25 years ago - selling clothes at outdoor events.
Today during the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) opening keynote, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich introduced the Intel Joule compute module, a sophisticated maker board with an Intel RealSense depth-sensing camera targeted at Internet of Things (IoT) developers, entrepreneurs and established enterprises.
Eddie Esserman's Joule Broadcasting has submitted paperwork to have the license for WTYB(FM) assigned back to Cumulus Media.