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Synonyms for jotting

a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) note


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This might involve distributing to others, reading and making a quick management decision, or jotting your response in the margin of the letter or memo.
Beta exam takers validate the clarity and accuracy of exam questions and have the opportunity of jotting down detailed insights, all of which provide vital feedback during the final stage of certification development.
Still jotting down notes on paper while you're using your laptop in class or meetings?
has always been known as the premier "Sticky Note" application for jotting handwritten notes, creating sketches and setting reminder alarms.
The built-in pen and telescoping form factor make the 2-in-1 stylus a great tool for jotting down written notes when needed.
He described Harbridge as an aspiring musician and song writer, who frequently spent hours in his room, jotting down thoughts and lyrics.
As part of her work, she monitors the regular targets and watches over other areas of Lake Los Angeles jotting down locations, times and dates and taking photos of the sites.
is an application that really takes advantage of the great features included within the Pocket PC operating system, giving users an easy means of jotting down or recording quick reminders on their mobile device," said Derek Brown, product manager for the Mobility Division at Microsoft.
The stylish, ergonomic design of the T50 allows you to enjoy comfortable conversations with family and friends while jotting down notes, typing on the computer, or working on hobbies," said Judy Barker, marketing manager of Plantronics' Call Center and Office Division.
Now you don't have to break the flow of ideas and go searching for a stylus when you want to switch from writing on paper to jotting down an appointment or looking up a phone number on your PDA screen," stated K.
Chen is best known today as the author of Clandestine Jottings from My Little Window, a book he did not write, claims Greenbaum.
Called My Theatre Life, it contained the autobiographical jottings of Danish dancer/choreographer/teacher/ballet master August Bournonville.