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a small notebook for rough notes

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Those who want a bit more memory will find the Psion Series 5 has double the memory of the Revo and a larger screen, application icons, a voice recording system and slightly larger keyboard, along with a jotter pad.
Tenders invited for Plastic file folders & jotter refill pen
Personalized leather jotter from Ardent Impressions
From there, you can open a new Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or OneNote jotter.
Out of The Jotter, by Night Shift, the bay filly was described by the stud as "attractive, strong and correct".
75' Helix Clothing Name Tag Kit - 50p' Text books - 50p each or Apounds 5 for 10' Jotter Pad - Pencil Case- 50p.
At the station, Carly is freed and Ciaran is fulfilling his side of the bargain - the details of his drug-dealing family is in a school jotter at the flat.
This thoughtfully designed food diary is a discreet, sleek, black jotter (no leather) with nicely organized forms that will help you track your consumption for over three months.
3),Ball Pens Gel,Ball pen holder (with fine tip refills),Pocket pens refills Jotter,Carbon paper black (20.
It was not until the mum–of–two discovered her dusty old school jotter tucked away in the back of a cupboard that she decided it was time to pick up a pen and fulfil the dreams of her six–year–old self.
I just got a jotter and started to get it all down," said Seamus, who was born one of nine children in Charles-town, County Mayo.
There's a new PR team and a press release that comes on extra-thick, important paper with scrawled lyrics printed in an artful jotter.
Anyway, I had been thinking about writing Harry Jotter, the story of a schoolboy who makes a mess of his school jotter and falls through a hole in time and space when he goes to the stationery cupboard for a new one.
Memo is an unraced daughter of Groom Dancer, out of the winning Night Shift mare The Jotter.
PARKER'S jotter jubilee premier edition pen is based on the original jotter filigree, sold at the 1959 New York World's Fair.