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write briefly or hurriedly


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Jot down three iterations, focusing on the benefits for your readers or problems you can solve.
From today through Monday, enthusiasts across the United States and Canada are asked to take at least 15minutes to jot down species and tally up birds.
It has an 8 digit calculator for working out measurements and also has a handy note pad so that you can jot down your calculations.
So get a notepad and jot down every purchase you make over the next month to get an accurate picture of where your money is going.
Matter of fact, jot down these NSNs for alternators and parts kits available for different model HMMWVs:
Carry around a small sketch book so that you can jot down your ideas when they occur to you.
Grab pads and pens, and plop down with your girl Each of you should jot down five resolutions--stuff you'd reeeeeally love to make happen.
Technically consumable, with sections for readers to jot down notes and insights, Life is a Game and You Can Play It offers simple wisdom combined with the power of optimism and learning to rise above the setbacks of life.
Wouldn't it be interesting if some Sunday morning all parishioners were asked to jot down and drop in the collection baskets, or some designated receptacle, just one way in which each feels a lack of respect is being displayed in church?
Before the textbook management, one aide might jot down notes about missing textbooks and put it in a file," she says.
Jot down the credit card issuers' phone numbers to call if you lose die wallet, and keep the photocopy in a safe place.
Don't forget to jot down where they live (for example, layer of the forest and location of the rain forest).
Jot down a few of the things you remember (or have someone do it for you if writing is difficult) and send them to: COUNTRYSIDE Editorial, W11564 Hwy.
As they tour the area tutoring novice drivers, instructors will be encouraged to jot down any suspicious activity and report it to police.