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a slender stick of incense burned before a joss by the Chinese

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The unsuspecting couple were given a bedroom with breeze-block seats and a concrete joss stick holder - and hated it.
Last night, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: "Our investigation at the time concluded the cause of the fire was a joss stick.
Returning to Brighton in the event won by Best One, Joss Stick was still in front of his old mucker when squeezed out at the furlong pole, losing all chance.
Seb Sanders is usually worth noting when he teams up with Peter Makin and that is the case in the Stay At The Wolverhampton Holiday Inn Handicap with Joss Stick at Dunstall Park.
There's also an abundance of traditional arts and crafts such as joss stick makers, goldsmiths, rattan weavers and pavement fortune tellers.
A North Wales fire and rescue service spokeswoman said: "The joss stick had been left unattended in a container on the stairs.
This small town has more than 25 joss stick manufacturing units.
15 Briery Lane El Dececy, Joss Stick, Meikle Barfil, 3.
The parent who lashes out has not sat cross-legged weighing up the pros and cons over a gently smouldering joss stick.
I came in the other morning to find one of the girls putting a joss stick in the till and sprinkling the machine with water,' says Ray Hukin.
He used it to settle some very old scores - and one of the oldest was that his then girlfriend Anita Pallenberg got frisky with Mick on the s e t of Performance when she was meant to be lighting only Keith's joss stick.
Mixed with gum Arabic to make it all stick together, and charcoal to make it burn, when lit, the pastilles acted just like a joss stick.
Kevin Ghunowa found himself in trouble with the stewards for his ride on Joss Stick and will be out of action from June 24-27 after being found guilty of careless riding.
Fortunately, the shoot was taking place near Primrose Hill, the posh celebrity-filled area of London where there were more upmarket organic supermarkets than you could shake a joss stick at.