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a Chinese temple or shrine for idol worship

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Mon Chin, the community leader associated with the joss house.
The joss house in Launceston proves they did," I persist,
The joss house is every bit as colourful and intriguing as I'd
In an effort to keep the temple from falling into disrepair, the Joss House was entered into the California State Park System in 1956.
The Joss House is open Thursday through Sunday from 10:00 a.
The Weaverville Joss House is a working Taoist temple, the oldest continuously used Chinese temple in California.
The characters above the door call it ``the Temple Amongst the Forest Beneath the Clouds,'' but it became known as the Joss House.
You can get a good feel for the town's past by stopping in at the tall, steepled Firehouse Number 1, now a museum with some fascinating relics - including an altar from a Chinese joss house.
On Albion Street, tucked in between some small houses, is the Temple of Kuan Ti, the Joss house where Chinese residents once worshiped.