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a Chinese rice gruel eaten for breakfast


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a small roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where you can eat and drink and dance to music provided by a jukebox

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Jook Video carries a mix of content with Hollywood movies comprising of Spider Man, The Matrix, Hancok, Men in Black, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill 1&2 and series including The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Damages along with local content, including AB Group s own.
Negro Anthology (New York: Negro Universities Press, 1969); for the most complete examination of the African American Jook see Katrina Hazzard-Gordon, Jookin: The Rise of Social Dance Formations in African American Culture, (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1990).
They've also recorded music for Quincy Jones' CD ``Q's Jook Joint,'' for which they received a Grammy nomination, and the sound track for "Tank Girl"; produced a short live-action film, "Broom," which was nominated for an Academy Award; scored the Showtime film "Riot," and created the Emmy Award-winning special "STOMP Out Loud.
Jones invited Tamia to appear on his Q's Jook Joint album, and later the offers started to roll in.
Sambo gave us the lightning bolts, jook joints, and fairy dust.
Their Eyes Were Watching God," often acclaimed as Hurston's masterpiece, is perhaps the richest beneficiary of her work as a folklorist: its evocation of "picking in the jook joint, playing the dozens, and petitioning root doctors" offers a compelling synthesis of ethnological reality and lively characterization and setting.
The place is pricey compared with Chinatown, but for a delicious cheap thrill, visit Chen's Longlife Noodle Company & Jook Joint next door.
Ah Jook Ku of the Honolulu Community-Media Council argued, "A media monopoly means no open forum on ideas.
A member of the Jook Savages commune during the Sixties, she still gets stoned a few times a month and remains a fervent believer in overthrowing traditional modes of social and family life in order to create a new and better reality.
Hollywood and Highland has also secured agreements with such successful entertainment entrepreneurs as Quincy Jones - who plans to open a restaurant/nightclub called Q's Jook Joint in the complex - and Peter Holmes a Court of theatrical producer Back Row Productions.
Describing the council's mission, founding member and Secretary Ah Jook Ku, who was the first Asian woman reporter for both the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and the Associated Press, cites former Advertiser Editor George Chaplin: "The fact that there is a watchdog has ,made the media more conscious of First Amendment issues and more accurate in covering things.
He waves his index finger like a baton, acknowledging his interviewer, as he winds up his telephone conversation about his latest album, Q's Jook Joint, on his Qwest/Warner Bros.
some bramble or plimpler or even perhaps a fishbone had jook into it when we came running over the causeway & over the salt grass dunes looking for women or for what the women were doin or was suppose to be doin & i became like to fever & favour this left foot & favour it & favour
Music has always been one of the most fundamental conduits for people to socialize and Jook is the natural progression to elevate music into the 21st century," said Min-Liang Tan, president and chief executive officer, Jook Inc.