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In public, any show of smiles or jollity looks forced because it is - they are simply incapable of fakery.
The event was hosted by community group Golcar Winkle Club which paid for the jollity.
Better that way than a forced jollity or a bad-mannered show.
It's the enforced jollity of Red Nose Day I object to.
The Midsummer Mouse: Midsummer Tales of Tiptoes Lightly and the Summer Queen" weaves together an engaging world of fantasy and enchantment, gladness and jollity, mystery and misadventure, and great fun from beginning to end.
AMBASSADORS BBC2, 9pm Ambassador Davis and his Wife are involved With a party at the residence, but the jollity is ruined by gunfire and explosions on the capital's streets as the army attempt to quash an antigovernment rebellion.
According to Broad, there is always a bit of a dispute in Test cricket, adding that the battle grows even more whenever the Test happens between England and Australia as the relationship between the teams is not that good given the little jollity between the two sides at the traditional post-series drink which followed the fifth Test at the Kia Oval.
On the fringe of religious music' packed with differing textures: unstoppable energy, quasi jollity, shimmering showers of notes but including heart-stopping Poulenc poignancy.
They were like old friends who one so looked forward to seeing every week, and I will miss the encyclopaedic wisdom of Alastair, the perennial jollity of Derek, the all-weather cheerfulness and courtesy of Mike and the fireworks of John, who always fought the corner of the horses.
Salt was rubbed in the wound when I spotted a poster - on the Metro no less - that depicts with a certain jollity, a happy cyclist as part of a safer, more environmental, future campaign.
Now it's back as a series, and if anything the air of jollity has got worse.
To its credit, the show acknowledges its period daftness with Pasquale working his socks off (pun intended) to get everyone through to the final curtain in some semblance of jollity.
The old sense of jollity and seaside silliness which the funfair so epitomised has been swept away to Rhyl's very great cost.
The loneliness and impact of enforced jollity on the participants, even while very ill, is raw and painful to read.
A Forced jollity with work colleagues would strike many as a living hell, yet it has to be endured.