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33) Under normal circumstances, the various communities of Montreal acknowledged shared values: thrift, hard work, looking after the nephew or grandson, and a judicious mixture of sobriety and jollification.
AS Christmas approaches, most of us can look forward to a period of jollification and time spent with loved ones and friends.
As a form pointer, Queen Mary runner-up Hoyam finished third, in between Sandreamer and Jollification, in the Group 3 Princess Margaret Juddmonte Stakes last month.
Best-selling author, screenwriter and professor Terry McMillan will headline a group of distinguished authors, writers and publishers at the Anguilla Lit Fest: A Literary Jollification, scheduled for May 24 to 28 at AnguillaOs Paradise Cove Resort.
May 24-28: First annual Anguilla Lit Fest: A Literary Jollification.
from the 1830s in fact, they brought in legislation cutting out carnival jollification on the Sunday when it was supposed to take place.
American conservatism had been a pretty staid and erudite affair pre-Limbaugh, occasional lapses into jollification on "Firing Line" being the main public expression of conservatism's lighter side.
The tea house/table is for the use of the neighbourhood community, who can engage in either ritualistic contemplation or communal jollification.
Although there are a few extraneous details, even they provide context, and so I will quote the passage in full:</p> <pre> We got to the abbey about 3 examined it well by day light in spite of 2 Bristol parties who had come to dine there for a holiday a scheme wh you wd consider meritorious + who testified how much they entered into the sentiment of the place by much merriment and jollification & afterwards we spent 2 hours there by Moon light, of course you remember it well I think taking the situation & all together it carried the enchantment of the scenery very far beyond wht I had ever conceived, & perhaps you may be aware that this is not saying a little.
I saw a few friends and there was some sort of jollification but it was hard to celebrate properly when so manymen hadn't come back.
The whole ceremony seemed more like a jollification at a wedding than the solemnities of a funeral.
He had picked up the art of jollification at Oxford (a false-start), entering 'manfully into all their parties and scenes of dissipation--And as my private allowance was not sufficient for that purpose' ever in debt.
Martin rightfully cautions us, however, to put deviant behavior (drunken unruly women, besotted violent men) in proper perspective, for "most of the time consumption of alcohol by males and females led to neither violent nor unruly behavior but contributed instead to social integration and jollification.
For, despite its subversive potential, the carnivalsque, in its anarchic jollification, can indeed be seen as underwriting Wright's condescending portrait of "naked black men and women whirling in wild dances.
They settled on a vacant piece of ground adjoining the River Almond where they held a jollification.