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Modestly tell Sonnets and be jollification with the name of Ramah, azib and sol.
More jollification as |preparations intensify ahead of the big weekend
It seems Travers could not abide Disney's fluffy, colourful, jollification of the world for children.
Depicted here is a typical tavern scene in Lower Canada, with soldiers and civilians engaging in a jollification.
To celebrate St Melo's feast day (October 22), the monks at Llanrumney Monastery used to organise an annual sports and jollification day.
The commission announced that after "wind[ing] up the GREAT NATIONAL SPORT with a big jollification and .
33) Under normal circumstances, the various communities of Montreal acknowledged shared values: thrift, hard work, looking after the nephew or grandson, and a judicious mixture of sobriety and jollification.
AS Christmas approaches, most of us can look forward to a period of jollification and time spent with loved ones and friends.
As a form pointer, Queen Mary runner-up Hoyam finished third, in between Sandreamer and Jollification, in the Group 3 Princess Margaret Juddmonte Stakes last month.
Best-selling author, screenwriter and professor Terry McMillan will headline a group of distinguished authors, writers and publishers at the Anguilla Lit Fest: A Literary Jollification, scheduled for May 24 to 28 at AnguillaOs Paradise Cove Resort.
May 24-28: First annual Anguilla Lit Fest: A Literary Jollification.
The following summer, at jollification with some English friends, among whom were Michael Ventris, Oliver Cox and Graeme Shankland, the term was mentioned again in a jocular fashion.
Another party, called an "annual jollification," was noted in the minutes of May 26, 1908: "Wearing our finest toggery and sweetest smiles, we accompanied our best beloved to the Amidon residence on West Fleshiem Street .
from the 1830s in fact, they brought in legislation cutting out carnival jollification on the Sunday when it was supposed to take place.
American conservatism had been a pretty staid and erudite affair pre-Limbaugh, occasional lapses into jollification on "Firing Line" being the main public expression of conservatism's lighter side.