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Synonyms for jokingly

in jest


not seriously

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When asked why, he laughed and jokingly said, 'Because then I'd owe them, and I'll have to support Nintendo.
Alan Rothwell, BTR race director, jokingly wrestles the World Santa Dash Challenge 'Santaz' trophy off Linda Smith, associate executive director of Las Vegas charity Opportunity Village Picture: JAMES MALONEY
Neeson jokingly mentioned Putin in context of his movie and added that he has never met the Russian President and doesn't have experience in international diplomacy, but what he does have is a very particular set of skills that would make him a nightmare for someone like him.
But yesterday, her partner Nick Kroll jokingly posted on Twitter: "Hey Bono, watch your back.
You can't even mention "bomb" jokingly in an airport.
The employee, who had worked at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel for 22 years, was fired after she jokingly placed her hands around a coworker's neck.
Jokingly, we tossed in a pack of Tic-Tacs because he has bad breath.
Throughout her education, Harris remained involved in the program she jokingly calls "Prep for Life.
Although now she does say she is embarrassed by all the attention she is getting from media outlets and has jokingly threatened to start going out in disguise.
Operating on what is jokingly known as "Ecuadorian time," people in South American nation habitually arrive 15 to 30 minutes late to social events and business meetings.
Coulter has, after all, jokingly wished assassination on Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta and not-so-jokingly accused Mineta of "burning with hatred for America" because he opposes racial profiling in airport screening.
All you need to compile an anthology is a pair of scissors and a pot of glue, Richard Wright once jokingly remarked.
based, and FWFN band manager Mike Pelltier jokingly says, "The Yankees must think we are doing something right.
When she talked with him over phone, he jokingly said the plane was being hijacked, according to the police.
KMC account executive Beth Mayer jokingly jotted down a headline, "Guy with Funny Name Takes Job at Small Company.