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Synonyms for joking

characterized by jokes and good humor

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Since joking takes place in all organizations, managers have little ability to limit or prevent this kind of behavior; it simply takes place.
In other words, within the Brazilian managerial culture, joking was a legitimate way for an individual to tell a supervisor, "I told you so" without fear of retaliation.
James Limon illustrated in "A Gringo Joking in Texas American Society," published in New Scholar (no.
The research on the results or outcome of joking behavior is more diverse and lacks a single unifying theme.
Much of the discussion of joking at work has been theoretical.
One promising empirical approach involves the use of social network techniques to determine the connections between such factors as friendship, leadership, peer perceptions of performance, and patterns of joking behavior.
In this regard, it is important to realize that joking is not altogether funny.
National Weather Service Meteorologist Gary Ryan wasn't joking when he said it's going to get even hotter, with temperatures crossing the 100-degree barrier today and Tuesday.