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beam used to support floors or roofs

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The acquired firm has 43 employees, will operate as Vulcraft-Omega and will become part of Nucor's eleven other joist and deck production facilities.
Build temporary walls to support the joists before you remove the existing beam.
On that basis, why on earth did this contractor think that propping up one edge of what was left of the chimney breast on to the ceiling joists would be satisfactory?
We are delighted that our partner, Innovative Engineering, has been recognized as a Design Award Winner by the Steel Joist Institute," said Wayne Pfisterer, president of Pfister Energy.
Once the boards have been clamped together, nail or screw each board to the joists.
Join the joists to the beams using three angle brackets per joist to stop any movement and avoid the timber splitting.
88 m long and fabricated from 241-mm-deep AJS-20 joists spaced at 385 mm on center.
5 Once outer joists are in place, fi x inner joists to outer joists, spacing them at 450mm centres.
Airflow control improvements led to a better working environment, according to the Steel Joist Institute.
Cut the outer joists to length, allowing for timber to overlap at the corners and arrange on the ground.
If you have creaking floorboards , there are several causes of this, but one of the most common is that the nails which fix the floorboards to the joists become loose over time.
I decided to get under the floorboards and fit some eco-wool insulation between the joists under the boards.
MULTISCANNER[R] 1520 ONESTEP[TM] has four scanning modes including stud scan to find wood and metal studs or joists up to 3/4" deep, deep stud scan to find wood and metal studs or joists up to 1-1/2" deep, metal mode to search for metal pipes or wire up to three inches deep, and AC scan mode to map out the sub-surface location of hot electrical wires.
Four of the company's subsidiaries are involved in various steel-related activities, consisting of scrap processing and bar joists and truck trailer beam fabrication.
The steel joists that the company sells are beam-like structures used to support loads like floors and roofs.