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a long carpenter's plane used to shape the edges of boards so they will fit together

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From experience, I can say that there is a trick to making the Yetter disc jointer work properly, but once set, the Yetter is a real joy to use.
Dependable, yet often overlooked, machines such as shapers, jointers and planers are among the workhorses of the woodshop.
The default time for the cassette type system is 3 minutes per jointer.
The newly qualified electrical jointer competed against ten regional finalists to win the title West Midlands Best Apprentice of the Year 2007.
Based on the Deming Cycle and the Jointer 7 Step Method, this new framework incorporates several concepts from systems theory.
A jointer, used to level the teeth of a handsaw before filing it.
Entered a garden shed in Ashington as a trespasser on Christmas Day and stole a pipe wrench, biscuit jointer and a can of paint.
Tools stolen include a green Bosch drill, a grey Axminster SLB 9100n jointer, a number of plumbing fittings, a Dewalt circular saw, an orange Dewalt drill, a blue and green Bosch angle grinder, a red Echo chainsaw and a red Husqvarna chainsaw.
BISCUIT JOINTER (900W): If you enjoy carpentry and are looking for precision work, this is the tool for you.
short bed jointer has a spiral cutter-head with 60 4-sided indexable carbide inserts, serpentine belt drive power transfer, and handwheel-controlled parallelogram-style tables.
Brynmor Jones, a pipe jointer for Cardiff Corporation, died from lung cancer aged 58, on March 7, 1959 at Marsden Street, Swansea.
Michael, who worked as a cable jointer on building sites, was on his way to meet friends for a night out when the tragedy happened at about 9pm on Thursday.
Overall proportion Operation of responses Main machines Sawing 36 Bandsaw, table saw, radial arm saw, crosscut saw Profiling 16 Router, shaper, moulder Sanding 15 Belt sander, bench sander Drilling and jointing 13 Drill press Surfacing 10 Planer, jointer Edgebanding 5 Edgebander, trimmer Turning 3 Lathe Drying 2 Kiln Sorting 1 Pallet machine Table 2.
The project to build the mailbox meant the students needed to use several power tools including a sliding saw and biscuit jointer.
They range from 7" smooth planes to 24" jointer planes.