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a company (usually unincorporated) which has the capital of its members pooled in a common fund

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What is more, the model of intellectual capital's influence on value added of a joint-stock company was created (Fig.
The bad bank said that it would establish a joint-stock company by selling a stake to China-based National Social Security Fund.
With the exception of companies exclusively incorporated by the government, the New Law amends Article 75(d) so that the minimum number of founders for a joint-stock company in Bahrain has been reduced to two instead of the previous requirement of a minimum of seven founders.
We are currently conducting a study to establish a joint-stock company that will comprise as many Saudi contractors as possible," said Yousuf Al Tarifi, deputy chairman of Ihsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and head of the Contractors' Committee, was quoted as saying by Arabic daily Alyoum, according to Zawya Projects News.
COSTS FOR REGISTERING A COMPANY Procedure Time to Limited Liability complete Company Notarization of 1 day MKD 800 the company deeds (13 [pounds sterling] and other documents Registration with the 1-2 days MKD 2399 Central Register (39 [pounds sterling]) Making a company seal 1 day MKD 800-2500 (13-41 [pounds sterling]) Procedure Joint-Stock Company Notarization of MKD 1200 the company deeds (20 [pounds sterling]) and other documents Registration with the MKD 3852 Central Register (63 [pounds sterling]) Making a company seal MKD 800-2500 (13-41 [pounds sterling]) Source: Invest Macedonia
Joint-Stock Company "SCR" is 100 % Open Society affiliated company of Public Corporation "Russian railways".
The law states a limited liability company shall be made a joint-stock company if the number of partners exceeds 50.
ANKARA, Jan 3, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish State Minister & Deputy Premier Ali Babacan has said that they wanted to turn Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) into a joint-stock company.
The joint-stock company will be capitalized at some 4 billion yen, with its some 80,000 shares, with a face value of 50,000 yen, to be equally distributed to the OSE's around 100 members, the officials said.
Masarsky, chairman, president, and chief executive, Volhov Construction, a Novgorod, Russia, joint-stock company.
Open joint-stock company (OAO) Severstal is the parent enterprise of multi-business holding Severstal Group and of its metallurgical division.
Open joint-stock company "Minsk Tractor Plant" Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 220070, ul.
In November, the TSE asked the Finance Ministry for approval to convert itself into a joint-stock company so that it can raise funds more flexibly to finance huge computer-related investments and make faster decisions amid increasing international competition between stock exchanges.