joint venture

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a venture by a partnership or conglomerate designed to share risk or expertise

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180 Madison Avenue represents the last property to be sold through SL Green's highly successful joint venture with MSREF.
The partnership agreement required that all hospitals owned by the joint venture operate under Rev.
The new joint venture company will be located at the existing foundry of Zhuzhou Rolling Stock Works.
The North American joint venture will include SRI's tire operations in North America with annual sales of $800 million.
Duhamel says the presentation of data for joint ventures in Canada is inconsistent between various industries at present, particularly on the extent to which gains and losses are recognized by the parent corporations when assets are transferred to a joint venture.
The joint venture offers a fresh approach to healthier balance sheets and the ability for manufacturers to grow their business.
The IRS ruled that the exempt organization's participation in the joint venture did not jeopardize its status.
The cash received is consideration for the initial 51 percent acquisition of the joint venture by Ricoh as well as a prepayment for the remaining 49 percent to be acquired and certain royalties and services to be provided by IBM to the InfoPrint Solutions Company.
Because the joint venture was properly treated as an aggregate of its partners, the Service held that the corporation was not required to recognize its distributive share of the joint venture's gain from the sale of the stock that would otherwise be allocated to the corporation under Sec.
After the close of the market on November 6, 2006, the Company disclosed - for the first time - in a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission that the Company faced exposure for the full repayment of the loans of the Transeastern Joint Venture in the event the Joint Venture voluntarily filed for bankruptcy protection.
The governing documents should provide that all returns of capital and distributions of earnings to the owners of the joint venture will be in proportion to their ownership interest in the joint venture.
Domestic joint venture partner's organization structure:
The additional funding provided to the Joint Venture will expand the Akorn-Strides, LLC to 29 ANDA's for a total of 53 SKU's, or product line offerings.
The joint venture was managed by a board of seven directors composed of three persons appointed by the hospital partner, three persons appointed by the for-profit partner, and one person elected by the affirmative vote of five of the six appointed directors.
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