joint probability

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the probability of two events occurring together

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The joint probability of meeting temperature and moisture conditions simultaneously is shown in figure 1D.
In order to obtain 2D joint probability density function about X and Y, the independence of X and Y is determined by using the [chi square] test method based on Fisher theorem.
Based on the statistics of these attributes, we will build a joint probability table, and infer a user's living place and school with the highest probability according to the J-measure.
We capture local sentiment dependency between the variables as a joint probability of evidences from each variable and each class in the given data.
Moreover, the MS region also had the greatest relative joint probability growth compared to all other regions with an increase of nearly 900% over the last 60 yr.
Individual body region injury risks determined from the ATD response during the crash test are combined into a joint probability of injury.
Hence, in this paper, we analyse the joint probability density function (p.
t], we only need to change the dimension from m to r in (12), which is the same calculation for the joint probability in (15) and (16), and r is determined by the joint of variables.
According to (1), the joint probability density function of the random variable X = ([X.
the posterior is a joint probability distribution in a high-dimensional parameter space.
Defining a model requires defining a joint probability distribution which can then be decomposed into a product of conditional distributions on which visualization, estimation, and simulation can be performed.
Representing the joint probability distribution as a directed graphical network simplifies the computation of the joint distribution by expressing it as a product of the conditional probability distributions at every node using Bayes' rule.
One important property of BNs is their ability to represent the joint probability distribution P([A.
Joint probability, multivariate distributions, and criteria for independence and randomness are then covered.
Combining the areas, die joint probability of breaching either the unemployment threshold or die projected inflation threshold and at the same time satisfying the inflation floor first crosses 50 percent by 2015:Q2, a one- quarter delay compared with the case without an inflation floor.
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