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Poyser jocosely, "you mun get married pretty quick, else you'll be set down for an old bachelor; an' you see what the women 'ull think on you.
In some of his works, especially 'The Rambler,' where, it has been jocosely suggested, he was exercising the polysyllables that he wished to put into his 'Dictionary,' he does employ a stilted Latinized vocabulary and a stilted style, with too much use of abstract phrases for concrete ones, too many long sentences, much inverted order, and over-elaborate balance.
Oh, a long, long way off," that gentleman answered, being of opinion that children, when they are not naughty, should always be spoken to jocosely.
A hit -- a palpable hit," said the captain, jocosely exhibiting the tails of his threadbare shooting jacket, as a practical commentary on Magdalen's remark.
The fact is," Richard proceeded, half thoughtfully and half jocosely, "it is not quite in my way.
About El espanol constitucional, Hernandez Gonzalez writes jocosely that El Espanol Constitucional was published by "un liberal exaltado, Pedo Pascacio Fernandez Sardino, and it will be "el organo y portavoz de los exiliados espanoles en Londres" (120).
Several images jocosely celebrate the involvement of children in theconflict, with captions such as " the youngest revolutionary ".
Pryde's luscious shots of the little rodents jocosely shuffling around packing paper, shipping tubes, and other material remnants of an art exhibition's installation evoke the prototypical ornamental device for contemporary affect architecture, such as hospital waiting rooms or day-care-center playrooms.
They find him "lacking in the companionable quality," a man whose "discourse never fall[s] into the jocosely familiar.