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Page 27 But at a weekend event in Mull, some of the spectators showed what they thought of the ruling - by baring their bottoms and displaying bumper stickers in support of Jock.
A war hero who took on the might of Rommel's army in north Africa, Jock produced incredible results by running to and from work on a building site every day - a round trip of 30 miles.
Jock was one of two Rio Olympians on the five-man relay roster along with bronze medalist Clayton Murphy.
NBA or NHL athletes--as long as they were employed by a team for more than 10 days, were present in Tennessee, and eligible to participate in a game played in Tennessee--were subject to Tennessee's jock tax [Term.
After watching Moussa Dembele make history with the first Old Firm treble since 1984, the Celtic boss said: "I spoke about Jock in my team talk but there were two anniversaries today.
It was given to him for his 88th birthday in 1962 and was named Jock after one of his private secretaries, Sir John 'Jock' Colville who gave him the pet.
In less than a minute, Big Jock was dumped in the mud and his rifle butt smashed into the ground an inch from his face.
An early ski racer, Jock fractured his leg after war's end on Mt Tom.
JOCK Forbes' craft was in stone, but it was for two pieces of wood that he will be forever remembered.
JOCK BRANDIS works for peanuts, or more accurately, for peanut shellers.
JOCK flopped on a bus seat next to a priest, his tie stained, face plastered with lipstick, and a bottle of whisky sticking out of his pocket.
The Duke [Ellington] was playing "Sophisticated Lady" on the radio in the background, and this tall, skinny basketball jock thought it appropriate indeed.
In 1974, Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville rescued a baby Rothschild giraffe from a heavily poached area in western Kenya, in Africa.
JOCK the pit pony walked out of a mine and into the history books back in February 1975.
FORMER Durham University adventurer and explorer Jock Wishart is to tackle what is arguably the last global goal in polar expeditions.