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a government office in a town where information about available jobs is displayed and where unemployment benefits are administered

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The same model is being used in Liverpool city centre, where the Williamson Square Jobcentre is being moved into St Johns Market.
The government is abandoning unemployed, sick and disabled people by confirming the closure of almost one in 10 jobcentres, the Public and Commercial Services union says.
Tory cuts to social security and new sanctions for low-paid workers will only increase demand for Jobcentres, so it's reckless and perverse to close so many down.
We have heard all the stories from Redcar MP Anna Turley about the intimidating treatment former steelworkers have experienced at the hands of some Jobcentre Plus staff.
More than 700 sites across Britain are being digitally transformed, bringing Jobcentres into the 21st century.
the introduction of the latest technologies in modern digital Jobcentres to support enhanced jobsearch activity, with national rollout under way and set to reach all Jobcentres by the autumn.
Jobcentres will no longer advertise jobs that involve the "direct sexual stimulation" of others because publicly funded services should not be a conduit to this work, said the minister.
JOBCENTRE Plus has moved its entire on-line employer services to the Government's Business Link portal in a move designed to provide greater clarity on the services they can offer smaller businesses.
The smutty advert - described as a "job wits h a difference" - has stunned some unemployed visitors to Jobcentre Plus.
With unemployment set to rise to three million, it was clear urgent action was needed, said the Federation, which called for a small business manager to be appointed in each Jobcentre.
We take the issue of safety very seriously and we employ customer care officers at Jobcentres around Wales to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for staff and Jobcentre users.
THE Public and Commercial Services union urged the Government to start reopening closed jobcentres to help jobseekers.
JOBCENTRES now employ more than 1,500 security guards - and this year they will cost an estimated pounds 26.
The details provided will then be displayed in a range of outlets, including touch-screen jobpoints in over 1000 Jobcentres and Jobcentre Plus offices, and on the Jobcentre Plus website www.