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a government office in a town where information about available jobs is displayed and where unemployment benefits are administered

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According to the data, there were 13,378 assaults reported in 2008-09 by Jobcentre Plus staff, of which 12,188 were verbal and 896 were attempted physical assaults.
BUSINESS leaders today called for Jobcentres to be "urgently reformed" to tackle rising unemployment.
Anyone with an SIA badge go to the Jobcentre, at One Cathedral Square between 10am and 3pm on the day.
The Minister met individuals who have been helped to find work with local employers after years of unemployment and also representatives from Birmingham Primary Care Trusts, which is working with Jobcentre Plus to reduce the employment gap between different communities.
The club now under administrators Ernst & Young outbid other conference venues to secure the eight-week contract with Jobcentre Plus, which provides help for job hunters.
Hughes, Little They say West Derby Jobcentre is only a bus ride away - if that's the case surely it's only fair the Jobcentre pays the fare.
THE government wants people to get back to work but how can they when Jobcentres are so inefficient?
Yvonne Bradbury, local partnership manager for Jobcentre Plus, said: "We're pleased to be in the community, on hand for local people.
There will also be a Employer of the Year Award, which will be awarded to an employer in Wales who has made the most outstanding contribution to recruitment within their sector using Jobcentre Plus services and initiatives.
3 Make full use of our jobpoints to search for vacancies whenever you visit your local Jobcentre.
Thousands of employers in the North East are taking advantage of Local Employment Partnerships (LEPs) to develop a closer relationship with Jobcentre Plus.
Jobcentre Plus offers help and support to everyone There is no typical person seeking help and Jobcentre Plus provides customers with the level of assistance that is appropriate to them.
Tory Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Theresa May said: "They persisted in closing a Jobcentre a week while unemployment was rising and are now being forced to shell out millions on expanding their offices as many hit breaking point.
Closures made across the Jobcentre Plus network during the boom years means the sudden hike in people looking for work has squeezed the struggling system.
A MAJOR jobs boost plan has been agreed between a council and Jobcentre Plus in a bid to help people back to work.