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an interview to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a position of employment

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Sponsors of the Ultimate Job Interview include PGi, General Assembly and The Home Depot.
Fussing over a high schooler or even a college student is one thing, but to my mind, there's something bizarre about having a parent sit in on a job interview after graduation.
When asked if it felt like it was a job interview, he said: "You do.
According to prosecution records, the 33-year-old Nigerian allegedly tricked the Ugandan victim into meeting him for what he reportedly claimed was a job interview but ended up having sex with her against her will.
A NEW study shows that openly gay job applicants are approximately 40 per cent less likely to be offered a job interview compared to those who do not disclose their sexuality.
The job interview can provide the best insight into whether someone is a good match.
Two hiring experts have shared the top blunders that one shouldn't commit during a job interview, News.
From Ramen to Riches: Finding a Job in Your 20s lives up to its title as a practical, no-nonsense guide to networking, resume writing, job interviews, and climbing the career ladder.
His solicitor said that he had been upset at having to leave his job interview to pick up his daughter.
They then reshape this definition to assist in differentiating between anxiety and job interview anxiety.
Dubai A manager was jailed for life yesterday for kidnapping and raping a jobseeker in his flat after claiming he was taking her for a job interview.
Going on a date was the one occasion when respondents felt it was unacceptable to dress in dirty clothes - but said it was all right to wear something unclean for a job interview or while socialising.
Dubai Women's College (DWC) organized recently the Mock Job Interview Day for more than 300 final year students.
Confidence expert Steve Miller, from Solihull, this week explains how you can learn to sell yourself in preparation for the job interview.
UNLUCKY Fraser Dalziel had a nasty accident when he set off on a relaxing jog before a job interview - as a health and safety officer.