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(psychophysics) the difference between two stimuli that (under properly controlled experimental conditions) is detected as often as it is undetected

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Hence a correction to the initial JND parameter value is introduced and the final JND parameter value for each block is calculated as:
The rationale for the constrain J(u, v) > T is that when the JND thresholds are too small, the magnitude of the marking term in Eq.
We sent two readers' complaints to the home of JND director, Paul Kreditor.
JND Response is a division of John N Dunn Group, serving the North East since 1893.
You are still hoping to Jnd that diamond that nobody has picked up on, where you like all his attributes and decide to take a gamble on him.
He had worked as a fire sprinkler installer for JND Fire Sprinkler Inc.
CRUNCH BUSTING Scott Beresford, of JND Security, Beverley Cook, head of Tik Tok Nursery, and Stephen Bilclough, chief executive of John N Dunn.
ClearView - captures 2 lives inputs, plays a stored sequence and captures a live input, decodes compressed files, or reads uncompressed files - aligns both spatially and temporally - performs perceptual measurements using the JND, DMOS, and PSNR scales - Lets the user view and hear the sequences in many different modes
It was with trembling fingers that People reader Graham Read opened an envelope from USA-based JND Sweepstakes.
Paul Creditor, of Jambo Trading, in Brent, London, is the agent for Healthhouse, Bright- Life, JND, Smart Shoe Savers and Axiom.
The television industry can use JND information to improve picture quality, or to maintain quality while providing more services, such as additional channels in a satellite or cable TV transmission.