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Glenn May, Jitneys remain in driver's seat, Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh) online, June 20, 2004, http://vmw.
Wilson's return to Jitney and the evolution of a significantly different version has sparked an interest by critics in Wilson's playwriting methods.
With Wilson in town for the Goodman Theatre's production of his play, Jitney, the Duncan YMCA Chernin's Center for the Arts persuaded its corporate supporters to pony up for a reception and dinner that would highlight the center's programs and raise funds.
Jitneys certainly benefit from existing bus routes but, by doing their job, threaten to destroy them (the dissolving anchor).
Depending on how "free competition" is governed, it might give rise to parasitic interloping on routes, where jitneys run ahead of scheduled buses to pick up waiting passengers.
NEW YORK -- Blue Outdoor, a company specializing in outdoor advertising, today announced an exclusive long term agreement with the Atlantic City Jitney Association to sell advertising on the fleet of 190 jitneys.
Clandestine taxis and jitneys, operating throughout the region, are the proof.
The Atlantic City Jitney Association just converted its entire fleet of 190 jitneys to clean burning compressed natural gas.
In many countries, unauthorized buses, jitneys, and taxis account for most public transportation.
Mayor Riordan and the City Council should pass emergency legislation allowing alternative means of transportation - like jitneys and ``gypsy'' cab services - to offer low-priced commuting alternatives to the transportation-dependent.
And a dependable bus system could even lure some motorists to leave their cars at home and take buses, vans or jitneys around the Valley to work or shopping.
They certainly wouldn't follow Jacobs's recent advice and allow jitneys to proliferate.
That's the New Jersey example cited by HOV advocates, who say Los Angeles also needs a system of public and private buses and jitneys to share the HOV lanes and carry commuters.
A Reason Foundation study, Looking Beyond ECO: Alternatives to Employer-Based Trip Reduction, suggests that communities instead allow privately run commuter vans, jitneys, and shuttles to operate.