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This holdback is returned at the end of each jitney warranty period.
The ridership of the Hampton Jitney and its Ambassador Class liners is a markedly upscale demographic.
3] In addition, the full dolmush is safer for everyone than a single driver and a single angry passenger, which is the bane of taxis, gypsies and jitneys in today's violent big cities.
The other plays in the cycle include Jitney (1982), Two Trains Running (1990), Seven Guitars (1995), King Hedley II (1999) and Gem of the Ocean (2003).
He elaborates on this point by closely examining such Wilson plays as Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Seven Guitars, Fences, Jitney, and King Hedley II.
An industry veteran who counts leadership posts at Farm Fresh, Kash n'Karry and Jitney Jungle Stores on his resume, Johnson has been named managing partner, president and CEO of Acquisition Vehicle Texas II (the Minyard Group), as the chain is now legally called.
In October 1997, Kay Newell was working at the Sack and Save grocery store--owned and operated by Southern Jitney Jungle Stores--when her estranged husband, William Roderick, threatened her and caused a disturbance at the store.
Why not, they asked, use the town's senior citizen bus as a jitney for commuters so they could leave their cars at home?
Her Los Angeles-based public relations, marketing, and corporate events management consulting firm had scheduled a group trip to London for the opening of August Wilson's Jitney, co-starring Linda Powell, daughter of Secretary of State Colin Powell.
Linda Powell was scheduled to appear in Jitney, a play about a Pittsburgh taxi company set in the 1970s, but decided to stay in the United States to be closer to her family after this month's suicide hijacking attacks.
Larger fish than normal has meant that all production has been in the tall can, causing a shortage of the popular jitney size.
88 percent from the first to the third quarter, and expanded from 17 stores with the acquistion of three Jitney Jungle stores.
Last April, more than 20 cruise ship passengers were injured in a jitney accident in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
jitney experience of 1914-1916, the mixed record of recent transit deregulation (here and abroad), and also jitney operations in various Third World cities.
We proceed by first examining four case studies of transit markets with deficient property rights: the jitney episode in the United States, 1914 to 1916; jitneys and route associations in less-developed countries (LDCs); illegal jitneys in New York City; and the British experience of bus privatization and deregulation.