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gerbil of northern Africa

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Male jirds of 8-10 weeks old were transplanted intraperitoneally with freshly isolated adult worms from peritoneal cavity of the jirds harboring 5-6 months old B.
To test our hypotheses, we studied plant selection, dry matter digestibility (DMD), and energy relations in three gerbilline rodents (Muridae: Gerbillinae; Wilson and Reeder 1993): Henleyi's gerbil (Gerbillus henleyi; body mass 8-12 g), one of the smallest rodent species; the rock gerbil (Gerbillus dasyurus; body mass 20-33 g); and the fat jird (Meriones crassus; body mass 50-110 g).
Based on the frequency of their occurrence in large numbers in various habitats of Rajashtan Desert, 60% Indian desert jird Meriones hurrianae have been collected from the sandy habitat, 17% from stony plains and the rest from ruderal habitat (Prakash and Ghosh, 1975; Prakash, 1962, 1981).
EARTH 4 vexil MARS 12 demy emyd, 14 goaf, 17 jird, 20 glum, 22 wino PLUTO 19 hemin, 25 knots stonk tonks
henleyi (pygmy gerbil, 11 g), Buxton's jird (Meriones sacramenti, 120 g), and common jerboa (Jaculus jaculus, 50-70 g).
1998) found that rodents and notably Tristram's jird Meriones tristrami were the preferred diet of barn owl in Jordan.