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a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger

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6) Far less studied are the jinrikisha and the bicycle, both of which also made their debut at the time of the Meiji Restoration.
Other 'wheels' followed: horse-drawn carriages and carts, jinrikisha and of course the locomotive.
Instead of the bicycle, however, it was the hybrid jinrikisha that spearheaded the revolution in mobility.
TOKYO - Tokyo-based talent agency Production Jinrikisha Inc.
Upon arriving at Naoetsu, Lowell hired a jinrikisha (hand-drawn carriage) to cross the narrow seashore road.
The Old Jinrikisha (1900), for example, had been mentioned by Eaton in interviews and letters as late as 1922 (Birchall 44), but eluded discovery simply because a viewable copy of the journal in which it appeared, the short-lived Conkey's Home Journal, could not be located.
The Diary of Dewdrop" is one of the few Japanese stories to employ a first-person perspective, while The Old Jinrikisha is not only written in first person, but also from the perspective of a rickshaw (jinrikisha) whose "sex was set"--she is as "soft and pliable to the touch as a pretty woman.
7) Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, Jinrikisha Days in Japan (New York, 1897), 114; William Elliot Griffs, The Mikado: Institution and Person (Princeton, 1915), 229; New York Times, 3 April 1875.