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media here presents Trump's (everything is on the table) jingoistic stance without question, almost as though they were hired as PR companies.
Meanwhile, Khan appealed the Press Council of India to 'intervene in stopping the jingoistic journalism of certain Indian TV channels.
In its time, it must have seemed wild fantasy or jingoistic propaganda.
IN response to Roy Woolmans jingoistic hyperbole about "greatest union ever".
The jingoistic slogan "take back control" which was spouted by them, we always had control of our laws which are 83% home-grown, the other 17% are EEC rules which the UK took part in discussion prior to implementation in the UK, which we could have vetoed.
Thank goodness that young people are seeing the wider issues and not listening to the bigoted, selfish and jingoistic ramblings of many who are supporting taking us out of the EU.
30 Cheltenham All Quiet On The Western Front is a classic 1930 US film that follows a group of German schoolboys talked into enlisting at the beginning of World War I by their jingoistic teacher.
We should, however, reform our broken immigration system on the basis of rationality and experience and not by heeding jingoistic, racist rants stoking fear to gain political advantage.
Bloody-minded, jingoistic and prepared to divide and rule to get her own way.
Could it be they are the best the Business Party has to offer in the way of maximizing profits for the few, while pacifying the masses with jingoistic rhetoric?
But it is hard to imagine a more offensive and jingoistic message to send to the rest of the world than this unfortunate image.
David Gillanders' searing documentary about his home city's struggle with violence was free of the jingoistic sloganeering of Glasgow politicians.
But we are not going to be influenced necessarily by jingoistic conversations that take place on some sections of the media," Khurshid told Karan Thapar on CNN IBN's Devil's Advocate programme.
Perhaps to reflect the jingoistic nature of 2012, it would be fitting if BBC sitcom Twenty Twelve retained the title of Best Sitcom it won last year.
The bombastic jingoistic rhetoric remains but the reality is changing fast.