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an extreme bellicose nationalist

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The notion of nations agitated by ever more jingoist papers remains highly influential yet the mechanisms actually at play are as yet by no means fully understood.
Even in this hyper-nationalist and jingoist society, 58% of Israeli Jews admit their government practices apartheid against Arabs.
These lines could be understood if they were directed toward jingoist poets such as Jessie Pope, Louisa Prior, or Marjorie Pratt because all three of these women not only shamed young men into enlisting, but also fervently supported the war even after discouragingly heavy losses (Buck, "British Women's Writing" 90).
Reformer or revolutionary, jingoist or cynic, the underlying assumption was the same.
During his second term, as in his first, Cleveland refrained from foreign military interventionism in favor of neutral mediation to resolve international disputes; he opposed calls for the annexation of Hawaii and Spanish Cuba, respecting their sovereignty, and opposing the emerging jingoist sentiments of empire building prevailing within the Republican Party.
BJP pl don't force feed us this jingoist khap-mindedness
Aimed to side-line the inflammatory initiatives of Tokyo's jingoist Governor Shintaro Ishihara, the central government's move had the opposite effect, triggering large protests in 85 Chinese cities, a boycott of Japanese automobiles and other products, arson and damage to Japanese property, and an uptick in coast guard and military visits to the islands.
New Delhi, Apr 7 ( ANI ): The Congress party on Sunday hit back at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi after he called Rahul Gandhi's 'beehive' remark an insult to the nation, saying that the metaphor has gone over the head of a self appointed jingoist.
O'Brien sets out with one of the most fundamental questions that lies at the core of German Studies today: how can a people whose conception of nationalism is deeply stigmatized by a "common jingoist, genocidal past" start to re-conceive itself as a unified and future-oriented nation?
There will always be the odd jingoist but vendors trade, and buyers buy, at sales in Britain, Ireland, France and beyond.
Therefore, the candidates are competing with one another in jingoist jargon and allegiance to Israel.
If the construct were the basis for US interests in the Arab and Muslim worlds, it would not hold a leaf on its fabricated limbs: Israeli jingoist policies have isolated the US from its allies in these populous worlds (pop.
Earlier, those business friendly Conservative MPs who despaired of their jingoist, xenophobe colleagues, the Eurosceptics, had thought that, provided that the European nations were content to limit their ambitions to internal trading, the British Tory Party could hang together, on the edge of the EU.
Earlier those 'business-friendly' Conservative MPs who despaired of their jingoist, xenophobe colleague, the Euro-sceptics, had thought that, provided the European nations were content to limit their ambitions to internal trading, the British Tory Party could hang together on the edge of the EU.