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an extreme bellicose nationalist

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Media jingoism or jingoes aside, the crux of the voyage was that both the EU and NATO promised a lot, but delivered nothing more than mere laurels.
In the post-war period, true believers in the dream of a new world Australia--such as the cultural nationalist literary leader Vance Palmer--became increasingly disillusioned when the people continued to heed the jingoes and were deaf to the self-declared prophets of the nation's true destiny.
Because jingoes, diplomats, navy captains, and journalists offered widely diverging views of the enemy, U.
He also suggested that late nineteenth-century jingoes believed overseas imperialist ventures would restore manly vitality to the American republic.
Emmanuel, when he arrived in Chennai via Dubai apparently to rouse Tamil jingoes in that South Indian State against Sri Lanka.
The country belonged to him--he was an American, dammit, and he would not be bullied by hall monitors or lectured by jingoes.
It is sufficient to record that, as the most outspoken Turcophobe and opponent of any action against Russia, Gladstone's windows were smashed and his carriage turned over in the street as gangs of Jingoes roamed the streets with clubs, chains, and switches shouting 'By Jingo
Hunt wrote a second 'War Song' for Macdermott, and Jingoes in both high and low places sang in their own defence:
Bungling politicians, rabble rousers, jingoes, the LTTE and their mentors all had an equal share in the calamity that pushed the island into 27 years of bloodshed and destruction.
With TN elections round the corner Tamil Jingoes there are again on the rampage, with their favorite punching bag - Sri Lanka.