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an extreme bellicose nationalist

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Incidentally, the use of the word Jingo (God or Jehovah) in this song resulted in a new word, "jingoistic" being added to the English language.
You'll find jinn in The Longing of the Dervish and The Jingo , living dead in [my firstnovel] The Kong, and in Khalid Oways's novel Keyah, and you'll find Sufi sheikhs walking on the water and multi-locating in Tayeb Salih's The Wedding of Zein, and in my works.
While the Roots took on a traditional coastal vocal style, Jingo took it with a full blown soul approach akin to the James Brown style, complete with the yells and it worked wonders.
The story describes the journey of a young Parsi writer, Jingo ( Jahangir) Moos, in search of an ethical universe.
It's always been a foregone conclusion that MPs are on a different planet to us - and by jingo don't they go out of their way to prove it.
The tragedy is that these people don't know anything about Gergiev," the counter protester, who identified himself only as Jingo, told
Elliot King (Loyola University, Maryland) examined the use of the term jingo over time, illustrating how social processes are embedded in a single word.
I wasn't quite sure how I had got myself into such a pickle - I had identified Simpson and McDowell as dangers from a long way out - b ut by jingo I had.
Before all hell broke loose in the Holy Coconut Temple, its sole resident Coco Jingo the gorilla, spent much of his time lolling around whilst munching on succulent coconut meat.
So, do you truly want to reduce the effect of big money on government, or is that idea just a trendy jingo that sounds cool to the politically witless?
LDP WE HERE in Britain may not actually be full, accredited members of the eurozone - but, by jingo, we're a mite too close to it for comfort at the moment.
He has the men, he has the money, he has the track record, by jingo if he decides to come out fighting.
In this major new biography David Brown demonstrates that Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston (1784-1865), was a far more complex figure than the bombastic jingo of legend.
Meanwhile, Jabbar alias Jingo, a close associate of Ladla, has been assigned the duty of looking after the matters of Eidu Lane.
He'll definitely go to jail but by jingo, he'll be the richest man in his cell block