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Synonyms for jim-jams

a state of nervous restlessness or agitation

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It's the time of year for warm jim-jams, and the Fig children's nightwear, for 12 months to 12 years, website is full of all sorts of traditional and modern styles of pyjamas nighties and dressing gowns for children and teens ( and they're currently on sale.
Not since I was a boy have I owned a bona fide set of jim-jams and as I approach middle life I long for the reassurance of a collared night-shirt and matching string-waisted trousers, preferably brushed cotton.
You can't blame us for going bonkers after the misery of recent months, but we shouldn't get too excited because there's every chance we'll be back in the thermal jim-jams and resurrecting the hot water bottle by next week.
I've seen folk queue in jim-jams and in a bath towel with a wee puddle around their feet.
And after giving a charged performance, they donned their jim-jams and slippers for a private party in the bar of Seaham Hall Hotel in County Durham.
Berry said she would be "in my jim-jams at home with a glass of wine," reports the Daily Star.
Or maybe just sit back in your jim-jams with a cuppa and enjoy watching everyone else in their posh, uncomfortable frocks at The British Soap Awards 2009 (ITV1, 8pm).
Christmas morning spent unwrapping presents and lounging about in their jim-jams, playing with new toys, most definitely isn't for them.
Bit difficult to wallow in jim-jams with equanimity when you know it means not getting paid.
Yet, while local authorities send out death squads on perilous missions to halt the gulls, nurses, doctors and even patients in their jim-jams there to be cured, for crying out loud, have been allowed to pollute their environment right by the doors to what are supposedly institutions of healing.
STAFF at a Coventry organisation swopped suit jackets for jim-jams to raise money for a medical charity.
And for this special dinner party, I'd put on my glad rags of course - when my mates come round, I don't usually do that, I'm in my jim-jams.
I had only just got up, I was still in my jim-jams and I was scarcely awake.
The three of us eating nursery tea, playing football in the garden, and bathed and in our jim-jams by half past seven.
John Lewis will love the returns from all the Buster-branded books, jim-jams and cuddly toys.