jigsaw puzzle

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a puzzle that requires you to reassemble a picture that has been mounted on a stiff base and cut into interlocking pieces

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The artists receive substantial creative freedom to explore the various themes and styles they are passionate about while being provided with helpful visual considerations regarding what goes into making a jigsaw puzzle image fun to put together.
Gibsons, the independent jigsaw puzzle and board game company, is sponsoring the annual event at St Martin's Parish Church in the town.
And with Pacquiao's title bout against Australian Jeff Horn still on July 2, Roach knows the jigsaw puzzle will be completed in time.
Arzzle is a subscription service and every month the company sends a unique jigsaw puzzle package to its subscribers to help them complete the big challenge.
The jigsaw puzzle is of the sky and all the pieces are blue.
The company said when the digital version of the jigsaw puzzle was ready, they tested the app by making hundreds of traditional puzzle fans to use the digital version and the feedback was collected.
Lacuna had presented more than a thousand jigsaw puzzle frames and stands when she was conferred a record certificate by the GWR organizers in November 2012.
Liu, here's another wee jigsaw puzzle you should probably rearrange before it's too late - Life.
9 -- Ascendas, Asia's leading business space provider launched "The Grand ITPB Jigsaw Challenge", a unique contest where IT companies based out of International Tech Park Bangalore will compete to solve a 3000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle.
Putting the tiny pieces together was a super-difficult jigsaw puzzle, but Dr.
The jigsaw puzzle pieces fit smartly together and every event is precisely positioned to build upon previous events and lead smoothly to the climax.
This is like the ultimate jigsaw puzzle,'' Bolde said, referring to the logistics challenges in switching around teachers and classrooms.
Jigsaw puzzle aficionados take note: You haven't mastered the skill until you've conquered a Stave puzzle.
Many of the pieces overlapped, so the scientists were able to put them together, like a jigsaw puzzle, into a complete whole.
Irregular shapes in Tonka-truck red and surfboard yellow, they look like the distorted pieces of an oversize jigsaw puzzle and boast magnetized backs and smooth front surfaces.