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a portable power saw with a reciprocating blade

fine-toothed power saw with a narrow blade

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Organiser Alan Sparks said: "Visitors to the festival enjoyed browsing the craft stalls, entering the raffle and golden jigsaw competition and taking their chance on the tombola.
Arzzle is a subscription service and every month the company sends a unique jigsaw puzzle package to its subscribers to help them complete the big challenge.
The 32-piece jigsaw was created by youth groups across Redcar and Cleveland, detailing the services they used and what they wanted to see provided.
Good Old Jigsaw Puzzles is a classic world-famous game lovingly crafted by true jigsaw puzzles fans.
Andy Humpherson, Managing Director at Jigsaw said: "We are excited that the significant progress we have made in partnership with Premier Foods over the past 18 months to deliver savings and efficiencies to their business has been recognised by this major industry award.
Until this day, no one in the world has broken the record set by Lacuna with the number of jigsaw puzzles that she assembled through the years.
THERE''S an entry in the Big Book of British cliches which dictates that second-hand jigsaws must always have at least one piece missing.
Conventional jigsaw blades are simply too wide to make tight curves.
Ian Walker, a fan of the Fab Four, recognised the jigsaw as one he'd been bought as a child and spotted that it was incomplete.
When finished, the jigsaw will be offered to shops in the area to put on display.
Mobile technology and media company YOC said today that it has developed a mobile commerce site for women's fashion retailer Jigsaw.
Jigsaw Complete Communications Service has taken on Aramide King as part of Coventry University's graduate placement scheme.
com (NYSE:CRM) said yesterday it has completed the previously announced acquisition of San Mateo-based, privately-held crowd-sourcing database Jigsaw for USD142m (EUR111.
FASHION label Jigsaw has announced the launch of its new bath and beauty line "Jigsaw Organics".
THE HISTORY OF THE JIGSAW CLASSROOM TECHNIQUE CAN BE TRACED BACK TO 1971 IN AUSTIN, TEXAS, where it was used to defuse the potentially explosive situation resulting from desegregation of the city's schools.