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  • noun

Synonyms for jigger

a small amount of liquor

Synonyms for jigger

a small glass adequate to hold a single swallow of whiskey

any small mast on a sailing vessel


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larval mite that sucks the blood of vertebrates including human beings causing intense irritation

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In the Kilifi study, jigger victims were treated with a neem-based oil to kill embedded fleas.
Gentleman Jigger is a dialog-heavy novel, with the character Stuartt (correctly spelled)--clearly a stand-in for Nugent, who was in his early twenties when he wrote it--represented as the most fabulous artist and delightful person that one could hope to meet.
The greatest number of changes I have ever witnessed by a single jigger at one time has been at the John Arcand Fiddle Fest: in 2004, Raymond Shumi from Tisdale, Saskatchewan completed twenty-two changes; and in 2005 he completed twenty-one, winning the grand championship that year.
Father-of-three Jack Jigger Taylor died when the roof collapsed at Walsall Wood pit in 1951.
That means he might jigger Senate rules to end the Democrats' filibuster of Bush's picks for the federal bench.
Richard Brightiff provides much-needed comic relief as Mr Snow, though Geoffrey Abbott's villainous Jigger has a distracting wandering accent.
Metropolitan newspapers such as the New York Times, the Plain Dealer of Cleveland and the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press had to jigger their publishing schedules.
They'll jigger pension fund accounting, tinker with intangible accounting, etc.
He has also performed Jigger in Carousel and Curly in Oklahoma
The Tetra Classic TCA/25 can fill tetrahedron-shaped jigger packs sized 12-20ml.
The theme, pondering the "construction of (dis-) identity," sounds somehow hopeful, with a jigger of wormwood thrown in to give it a wicked edge.
Gram always took a little jigger of apple cider vinegar every morning," her granddaughter, Susan Larkin, recalls.
Typhoon offered the Kilner barrel dispenser for brandy, cognac, whiskey or other liquors, featuring an easy pouring tap, a stainless-steel measure jigger and a wood stand.
Contract awarded for 2016 jigger lift machine manufacture and installation business
We'll eat our penny fades, soda cakes Drink Vantas too Then in the interval head straight for the loo When the film has ended We spill os ut into the light We'll go home to have our tea The the lads will play cowies all night Slapping their bums shouting "Gee Up, Trigger" Then chase the girls up and down the jigger We all go off home, tired yet glad Thankful for the smashing day that we've just had Lil Bordesa, L5