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STAR QUALITY Jiff poses for pictures on his hind legs
In this follow up to the May 2011 California CPA article Ready jiff 150?
Targets for production costs come from a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (2005) report called Employer costs jiff employee compensation.
The Origins of Yiddish Scholarship and the YIVO Institute Jiff Jewish Research.
Requests jiff items available iron) the R&T Product Distribution Center should be addressed to:
31) Vladimfra Dvofakova and Jiff Kunz, Oprechodech k demokracii.
There's even disagreement on how to pronounce it: Some say it like the peanut butter Jiff, others with a hard "g" as in "gift.
I am well aware that I would not have made it without the precious support of many colleagues, especially Werner Nagel, Leszek Wojnar, Dominique Jeulin, Piet Stroeven, Yannick Anguy, +Ivan Saxl, Dietrich Stoyan, Viktor Benes, Luis M Cruz-Orive, Jiff Janacek, Terry Meyhew, Thorsten Mattfeldt, Mariusz Mlynarczuk, Joachim Ohser, Markus Kiderlen, Vincenzo Capasso, Alessandra Micheletti, Joelle Riss, Christian Lantuejoul, Bostjan Likar, Yrjo Collan, Andre Obenaus, Stanislav Nemecek and several others, especially the authors whose contribution I appreciate very much although I do not mention them by name.
Rudolf Hela (1), Lenka Bodnarova (2), Miloslav Novotny (3), Libor Sitek (4), Jiff Klich (5), Ivan Wolf (6), Josef Foldyna (7)
The project team quickly narrowed the field by selecting two commonly used youth functioning scales and one relevant adult functioning scale: CAFAS, JIFF, and FARS.
That put more pressure on Clark, Joseph Murphy, Mark Kyle and Camilla Spiers to perform, and Spiers later became the second Irish faller on Portersize Just A Jiff.
In a thrilling match, Bahl edged out Mujahid Ali Khan 6-4, 3-6, 1-0 (8), while Joshua D'Silva won 1-6, 7-6, 1-0 (3) against Amru Jiff.
TRADITIONALLY the last day of feasting before Lent begins, Shrove Tuesday has now become synonymous with Jiff lemon juice and caster sugar.
47) IOC member Jiff Guth, for instance, was in favor of a pentathlon at the session of Paris 1901; see Commission des Jeux Olympiques, "Proces-verbal 4e Session Paris 1901," 20.