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a shameless impudent scheming woman

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Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel wrote that Dunst is not paid to write gender theory so it shouldn't surprise anyone that she's kind of dumb about it.
There Jezebel was able to hang onto an access ladder and cry for help.
Surely, there was none like Ahab, who sold himself to do the evil thing in the eyes of The Lord, whom Jezebel his wife stirred up.
Hugging Jezebel close after she dashed over to him, he said simply: "It's good to be back.
To the Portuguese Jesuits, Jezebel was a witch, knowingly collaborating with the devil to oppose the church.
His owners decide to uproot their family to Laguna Beach and Marmaduke makes friends with three outcast dogs who introduce him to the Bark Park, where a fearsome Rottweiler called Bosco (Kiefer Sutherland) rules with his sweetheart, Jezebel.
The couple have been together since 2004 and have a one-year old daughter together called Jezebel.
album of the week ALBUM OF THE WEEK SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA A Sign Of Sublime (Rising Records) WHISPER it quietly but there's subtlety hiding in the darkest recesses of heavy metal and hardcore rock.
Liv's has also been featured in Jezebel magazine, the Atlantan and many more
Queen Jezebel is a reviled character in the Old Testament because she is portrayed in those ancient Judaic scriptures as having infected the people with the worship of idols, something expressly forbidden by the prophets of her time as recorded in the 'Book of Kings'.
Re: Jezebel and other fascinating women in the Bible.
This article seeks to highlight reality television's most popular rearticulation of the Jezebel and the Sapphire stereotypes while assessing its implications for African American women.
Here's how sloppily conceived "The Return of Jezebel James" is: By the second episode, the title character has essentially been forgotten.
I have been portrayed as a cross between a screaming Jezebel and a parasitic harlot.