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Synonyms for jettison

Synonyms for jettison

to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

the act of getting rid of something useless or used up

Words related to jettison

throw as from an airplane

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Our jettison occurred in a restricted area, on a range, over a swamp.
Commenting on the successful static fire test, Orbital's LAS Program Manager Henri Fuhrmann said, "The Aerojet propulsion team has done an outstanding job on the jettison motor project as evidenced by the successful full scale test firing.
This flight system delivery culminates the past year's successful Jettison Motor Demonstrator development program where two full-scale hot fire tests and numerous other successful subscale and structural tests verified the design," said Vice President for Aerojet Space Systems, Julie Van Kleeck.
Always hang your helmet where it belongs and keep all equipment off the jettison handle.
I arrived at the point where I needed to jettison ordnance and hoped for the best on a min-rate-descent arrested landing.
April 7, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Aerojet, a GenCorp company and Orbital Sciences Corporation announced today that together the two companies successfully conducted a static firing of the jettison motor, a key component of the Launch Abort System (LAS) for NASA's Orion next generation human spaceflight program.
As a result, they had to jettison several players, including quarterback Tony Graziani and receiver Chris Jackson, two of the league's brightest offensive stars.
Strickler called for cargo jettison, selected cyclic trim to forward, activated both fuel-jettison switches, and started the APU.
Indeed, perhaps referentiality is something Exposito shouldn't too quickly jettison.
It's like a wagon train that has to jettison stuff that keeps it from its destiny.
The two pilots worked to jettison the remaining live Mk-82s from both the emergency and chase aircraft.
Many of them pull the cockpit door emergency jettison handles.
The Pleasanton-based company said it will jettison three directors, including two longtime board members, and appoint replacements with no previous Safeway ties to foster more independence from management.
I would like to find some way to do this without sliding back into Greenberg's territory, but then again I'm not too eager to jettison formalism either.
The government's objective is to develop organic depot repair capability for Whittaker's C-17 isolation and jettison valve at the Oklahoma City site.