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a high-speed high-altitude airstream blowing from west to east near the top of the troposphere

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With the jet stream due to push southwards again this week it is set to see UK weather generally return to cloud, wind and rain.
VVDRAW for Thursday's final of the Coral Brighton Belle (with sponsor's prices): 1 Swift Kidman (20), 2 Jet Stream Pearl (5), 3 Domino Storm (11-4), 4 Mustang Chick (16), 5 Office Flirt (m) (8), 6 Banabane (w) (4-5).
As we are mainly receiving cold air only through the jet stream, it is unlikely that there will be another storm to the scale of 2012.
These strong flow reversals have brought heavy rains to the UK and unseasonal warmth to the Sochi (Russia) Winter Olympics as the jet stream continues its global traverses.
The first hypothesis that sounded plausible, published in 2012 in Geophysical Letters, blamed a slowing of the northern hemisphere's polar jet stream.
The answer is the jet stream, the river of air that dictates our weather.
5 ( ANI ): NASA's Cassini spacecraft has obtained the highest-resolution movie yet of a unique six-sided jet stream, dubbed as the hexagon, around Saturn's North Pole.
Lead researcher Dr James Screen said: "The results of the computer model suggest that melting Arctic sea ice causes a change in the position of the jet stream and this could help to explain the recent wet summers we have seen.
We were surprised this effect happened just by shifting the jet stream and the clouds," said lead author Kevin Grise, a climate scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University in New York City.
The widespread melting of Greenland last summer was caused by unusual changes in atmospheric jet stream circulation, according to research published in the International Journal of Climatology.
We've not had prolonged hot weather in recent years as the jet stream has been further south than usual.
Another time you might notice the jet stream is when it 'gets stuck'.
The study authors used supercomputer simulations of the North Atlantic jet stream, a strong upper-atmospheric wind driven by temperature differences between colliding Arctic and tropical air.