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an extendible bridge for loading passengers onto large commercial airplanes

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The bullet ripped a hole in the jet bridge, which connected the terminal to the plane.
Wednesday when a jet bridge extending from Gate D3 made contact prematurely with United Flight 127.
In February 2007, former Motorola software engineer Hanjuan Jin walked on the jet bridge to board a flight to Beijing from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.
He was removed from the plane by armed police officers and asked about his gun -- properly locked up at home -- while his luggage was emptied on the jet bridge.
BWI and Something mAAgic volunteers have decorated the gate and jet bridge for the Casey Cares family with festive decorations along with refreshments served to everyone at the gate.
The experience began the moment we stepped off the jet bridge into the terminal clanging with slot machines.
OSUBrit: It's -3 Celsius and I'm stuck on the plane because the jet bridge is frozen @ Birmingham Airport.
Spare me the theatrics and daredeviltry, can it get me into Boston without two delays, a 10-minute sprint across the entire Detroit airport, and a jet bridge attendant who decided to walk off the job as my plane was landing?
An airline employee noticed a man hoisting himself up to the jet bridge close to an ERJ-145 using the pitot tube on the side of the aircraft near the closed and locked cockpit door for leverage.
He manages to hold his own for a few minutes before Cap causes the jet bridge to fall on him.
A flight attendant quickly came up to the man and said rather sternly, "You'll have to take that back onto the jet bridge as a valet bag.
As part of the Boeing Flight Services portfolio, the Jeppesen ab initio programme prepares the student for the jet bridge training delivered by Boeing.
Worcester Airport director Andy Davis justified the removal of barn swallows that persisted in setting up nests in the jet bridge around the terminal.
This person, brimming with pride after winning a match of wits, comes strolling down the jet bridge, says "Hello" to the flight attendant with a snarky wave, and smack--the wheels on the daisy-covered bag smoke the knees of Mr.