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Synonyms for jest

Synonyms for jest

an object of amusement or laughter

words or actions intended to excite laughter or amusement

to make jokes; behave playfully

to make fun or make fun of

Synonyms for jest

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All said and done, I walk away knowing that East Jerusalem finally has an entrepreneurial hub with an active community supported by JEST and, in a matter of time, the talent here may not only replicate the success of Ramallah but could even surpass it.
Yet even as Burn presents Infinite Jest as a novel that "eludes total mapping" (Burn 2012: 34), he takes pains to provide the reader with the necessary tools to navigate a book that its author, in a telling simile, had described as "a very pretty pane of glass that had been dropped off the twentieth story of a building" (Caro 2012: 53).
In fact, the separation occurs specifically in terms of a homonymic pun Trinculo makes that Caliban finds inappropriate, a jest whose consequence in The Tempest is precisely the effect in some courts that Castiglione lamented.
Digon i neud i chi redeg i fyny staer i'w llnau eto, jest rhag ofn, tydi?
Cuckoldry jokes are a staple of the jest book genre--cuckoldry served as a reliable cue to trigger laughter.
Jests evidently gave women access to images of female rebelliousness: we find women not only answering back to their husbands, but beating them up, covering them in excrement, or disparaging their sexual equipment ('The length of a snayle', p.
Yn fy marn i, os fydd eu hesiampl da yn denu jest un person ychwanegol i brynu a darllen llyfr fe fydd hynny'n beth da.
While Brown readily admits the masculinist mode of jest and its tendency towards antifeminist banter, she finds evidence of the popularity of jesting literature among women at all social levels.
Anyone interested in jest literature, regardless of the aim of their study, would be well served by the extensive bibliography that concludes the work, which is conveniently divided into primary and secondary materials.
Dekker's intent, among others, is to unpack or translate a set of seventeenth-century jests for a twenty-first century audience as a window into an emergent Dutch bourgeois culture.
It sounds like something Phil said in jest,'' general manager Mitch Kupchak said.
To paraphrase Sam Clemens' oft-heard jest, "the reports of the death of construction in New York City have been greatly exaggerated.
A majority of scholars in history and literature have echoed that judgement; it aligns itself with Elizabethan statutes and Parliamentary concerns, as well as with folk tales, jest books and rogue literature.
A Welshman-Ape jest aptly illuminates this multivalent potential of jesting (104-05).
He'd jest go out in de fields and beat dem [slaves], an' my mother tole me one day he come out in de field beatin' her sister an' she jumped on 'im an' nelly beat 'im half to death an' ole [Master] come up jest in time to see it all an' fired dat overseer.