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Synonyms for jerry-built

Synonyms for jerry-built

of inferior workmanship and materials


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Manicured lawns and ranch homes gradually replace South Gate's jerry-built homes and chicken coops; residents enjoy the benefits of new federal housing and infrastructure programs and Los Angeles' postwar industrial boom.
Strip away the controversy, and the series was jerry-built.
A description from the time says; "At night the sky glowed a reflected blush red from the furnaces and Middlesbrough mushroomed like a desert camp in an untidy, jerry-built, slummy sprawl around what for many had become the very kernel of their existence - The Works.
wagons to grace the what-not of a jerry-built shanty,
I would like to see the environmental impact study for such a jerry-built system.
The music industry's in a terrible state at the moment, and we don't need another jerry-built boy band"
New jerry-built contrivances are shoved under them to keep them in place .
The word jerry -- whether it means chamber pot or shoddy, as in jerry-built, does not come from jerry = German, but rather from Jerobam or Jeremy.
A comparison of the modern DLIELC campus with the jerry-built, ramshackle, Korean-War vintage campus of just a few years ago, gives tangible evidence of DLIELC's evolution.
Bernardin, who was George's predecessor in Chicago, was falsely accused in a jerry-built charge that fell apart within a few months.
Outdoor jobs no longer require a jerry-built arrangement of extension cords the farther you get from the house.
No running water, no rations, jerry-built humpies, no school for kilometres, not much work -- and no manager.
It seems likely - as suggested in a dust-cover blurb - that one or more of the jerry-built models outlined in Chapters 2-6 of the Hahn and Solow volume will interest some economists.
But it makes perfect sense within the context of a crusade, where reasons and arguments are jerry-built to justify the quest, where catsup is a vegetable, as Reagan famously claimed, if it gets you any closer to the Grail.
Armed with ingenious vehicles and equipment engineered with jerry-built "2 x 4 Technology," the KND operatives relentlessly defend the rights of kids everywhere by engaging in head-to-head combat with ruthless adult villains such as Knightbrace, the demented dental avenger; Gramma Stuffum, who maniacally forces meals on unsuspecting kids; and a ship of Candy Pirates.